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Machiavelli and Hobbes

            Hobbes' and Machiavelli's political philosophy are still used and utilized at the present day because of their good insight in the role of government and morality in society. These thinkers are the reason why religious authority and government power are separated. They both disagree with the Greek thoughts on human nature, which underline the goodness in man and that human beings are basically good, and that an ideal society can be achieved naturally. Machiavelli and Hobbes, in their essays (the Prince by Machiavelli & the Leviathan by Hobbes) focused on studying how people act and how social systems are governed. This essay would first explain Machiavelli's political view on the individual and the states, and then go on to highlight Hobbes' political ideas; then compare and analyze both thinkers' essays. .
             First we need to inspect Machiavelli and Hobbes individual perspectives on human nature in order to comprehend how they approach the use of power. Machiavelli has negative views on human nature, as he says: "love endures by a bond which men, being scoundrels, may break whenever it serves their advantage to do so; but fear is supported by the dread of pain, which is ever present"(Machiavelli, The Prince), he believe people are generally self-interested and egoists. It all depends on the circumstances; if it's in their advantage, they will stay by your side so they won't be punished. If it's in their disadvantage they will selfishly betray and deceive you. He added further that people do think highly of piety, honor, generosity, and courage but most of them do not display these virtuous values themselves. .
             Hobbes will definitely agree with Machiavelli's statement concerning the human nature. He says that people have "continual fear and danger of violent death" (Hobbes, Leviathan), which means that humankind live to enjoy pleasure and avoid pain. And that's what creates conflicts between humans because what is pleasurable for me might be painful to you.

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