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The Secularization of the United Kingdom

            In this essay, I will be discussing how countries such as U. have become more secular compared to the rest of the world. According to Bryan Wilson, he claims that secularization is the process whereby religions thinking/practice and institutions loose social significant. .
             One of the major country I will be focusing on is the U.K. the main focus will be on attendance, beliefs, disengagement, ethnicity and sects & cults. In 1851 all denomination had 40% attendance whereas now, the percentage has dropped to 5%. All denomination have gone down, attendance at Christian ceremonies has declined e.g. baptism, conformations, funerals and marriage. Also, membership has fallen in churches and other domination. However, it can also be argued that the attendance has not fallen. An orthodox increase, charismatic churches, evangelical and Pentecostal churches has risen due to the bible base which attract more young people. Also, sects are being created e.g. Jehovah witness. There might be a decrease in the attendance at churches but the attendance in religious school has increased. It can also be argued that the percentage in 1851 cant simple mean people went to church because they were religious, just has Grace Davis said, people are believers not belongers. .
             Belief focuses on desacralization and disenchantment and science. According to Weber, Disenchantment simply means when the world is no longer charged with mystery and magic, the supernatural has been banished from the society. People are becoming more rational. Desacralization means most things are not seen as sacred. The trend of personal God has fallen. In 1947, 45% people believed in a personal God, but now in 2000 it has fallen to 26%. Scientific rational beliefs have taken over religious beliefs. Steve Bruce opinion pool data shows wakening in religious beliefs. Technology advances have given individuals more control. Nevertheless, there are arguments against this, people believe in a range of different beliefs, beliefs are more open.

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