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My Autobiography

            "There is no nation so powerful, as the one that obeys its laws not from principle of fear or reason, but from passion. " (Martin Luther King Jr.) People do not generally fear a certain subject. They are afraid of fear itself. But life lessons and learning opportunities are formed to wash away fear from us, replenishing us with a new perspective at life. I am a dedicated person who values taking every chance they get, listening and learning from other's battles, and taking things from a religious point of view. Although these have not always been with me, these basic guidelines shape me into the young women I am today, and further my life for the better. I formed my principles according to some life altering experiences.
             Listening to other's tragedies has made me rethink my life choices dramatically. Listening more has shaped me as both a person and a citizen. Furthermore, the air was foggy, and the crust within my eyes started to fall. It was 5 AM in Seattle when people started to fold into their sections for the Hot Chocolate 5K Run. Me, being the volunteer for section G's rope leader, I decided to scan the individuals I would be helping. They appeared to all be very tall, fit, and healthy. But one man caught my eye. I looked down my side to reveal a scrawny, long bearded man relaxed in a wheelchair. With a smile that could have uplifted a defeated army, it seemed like he was alone. "Hello! " I said. He looked up and flashed his teeth to a grin. With a country-ringed southern accent, he said "Hi, darling! How are you? " We continued to talk about why he was attending this run. "My son Jeremy past away four years ago in a car accident due to a drunk driver; His favorite drink was hot chocolate. " He laughed. At this point, I started to tear up. He went on to tell me his name was Earl, and he has been doing this race for all four of those devastating years. He usually came in last place, but that was okay, because he liked the chocolate at the end.

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