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             Autobiographies are books written about oneself. They are used to give others a look of someone's life. An autobiography is written by the person the story is about. They are true stories of a persons life. Benjamin Franklin's autobiography had an egotistical style, while Mary Brave Bird's was more focused on showing the realities of her life, because autobiographies differ in how the creator writes about their life. Benjamin Franklin constantly talks about how well he did in his life. "My early readiness in learning to read (which must have been very early, as I do not remember when I could not read) and the opinion of all his friends that I should certainly make a good Scholar.(Benjamin Franklin, Pg 32)." In this sentence he clearly claims that he can't remember when he could not read so he must have learned very early in life. Then he states how his parent's friends said he would make a good scholar. He gives the impression of embellishing the truth. To warp the perception of the reader and make it sound as if his life was better then it really was. The structure he puts on his life is one of a boy who came from poverty and rose through the classes with his own intelligence. Someone who was brilliant all his life and never had any hardship because of this!. No matter if your ultimately a genius, both good and bad things are likely to happen to you. In his autobiography he portrays none of this. Later on in the same paragraph he goes on to talk about how in one year he went from being in the middle of the class to the head of the class and was moved up into the next class(Benjamin Franklin, Pg 33). As opposed to Mary Brave Bird whose experience is not focused on learning in school but about how badly Native Americans were treated in boarding school. She only mentions once of a good white man that she encountered. This is followed by after she tells how he embarrassed a kid in front of the whole class and tried to hurt her so she punched him(Lakota woman, Pg 40).

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