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Autobiography of Malcolm X

             Before I started to read this book I wasn't sure if I was going to get anything out of it because I"m not African American. This book is not just about the persecution of African Americans. This book is more about overcoming struggles and adversity one might face in life. I think the story of Malcolm X is sometimes confused due to his radical actions and his reputation. The story of Malcolm X is really about a person who came from nothing and made something of himself. He made something of himself because he stood up for what he believed in and showed great leadership for his cause. Despite what race you might be anyone who reads this book will definitely get the message. Time Magazine is quoted saying, "In order to understand America you must read this book". Time Magazine got that right; I strongly recommend this book to read for the human-interest story and the life's messages described. .
             Malcolm X was originally named Malcolm Little and was born in Nebraska. The Midwest, during this period, is controlled by discrimination and racially targeted violence that ends up with the murder of Malcolm's father. His father was highly criticized for preaching and believing in the theories of Marcus Garvey. After living in a detention home, Malcolm moves to Boston, Massachusetts. In Boston he quickly becomes involved in the cities troubles, wearing expensive clothes, gambling, drinking, and doing drugs. Malcolm became knows as one of Harlem's dominant hustlers. Malcolm's various jobs include selling drugs and committing armed robbery. When his life becomes too dangerous in Harlem, he goes back to Boston, where he becomes a burglar and is eventually arrested. .
             In prison Malcolm is transformed into a new person. He converts to Islam promoted by the Nation of Islam, which converted a number of Malcolm's siblings. Malcolm stops using drugs, reads nonstop, prays, studies English and Latin, and joins the prison debate team due to this new inspiration from the religion.

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