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Malcolm X

             Malcolm X was one of the black African Americans who helps with the civil rights. Malcolm X was also known by the name El-hajj Malik El-Shabbazz. Malcolm X view that Western nations were racist and that black people must join together. The autobiography of Malcolm X in 1965 published after his assassination.
             Later Malcolm X was born as Malcolm Little in Omaha, Nebraska. He was the son of Earl Little, a Baptist preacher. His mom's name was Louise. Earl was killed, probably murdered by white terrorists. The death of Malcolm's father had a effect on him and his family. Then, in 1941 he went to live with his half sister in Boston. At the age of 17, he moved to New York City where he turned to a life of crime, including drug dealing and armed robbery. When he was 20 he received a sentence of ten years in prison. .
             While in prison he read a lot and developed an interest in the Nation of Islam. When Malcolm was released from prison in 1952 he went to Detroit. He dropped his last name and considered a slave name and became Malcolm X. Malcolm said, "While king was having a dream, the rest of us Negroes are having a nightmare.".
             He also thought that African Americans should reject integration or cooperation with whites. In conclusion, I learn that Malcolm X was one of the greatest black African Americans, I did not know that much about him but now I do. I like Malcolm X because he would fight for what he wanted even though he lost his father. He would never give up.

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