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Malcolm X

             The civil rights movement was during times in which both men and women were being discriminated by the way they looked and what color they were. Milestones in this movement spans from 1954, when the supreme court unanimously agreed that segregation in public schools is unconstitutional, to when President Bush signed the Civil Rights Act of 1991. During that time from 1954 to 1991 there were many influential civil rights leaders who have lessened discrimination in the United States. One that stood out from the bunch, bringing something different to the African American communities, was a man who went through several transformations that would influence not only one race, and not only a religion, but the entire world, and that man was Malcolm X.
             Malcolm X was a militant black leader in the United States during the civil rights movement. With his fiery orator skills, he had the ability to draw in the masses, and preached something that had never really been preached before, "black power and Unity". His teenage years were filled with disappointment, crime, and tragedy. Although his early life went as it did he overcame those adversities and had the greatest impact in both the African American culture and the Civil Rights movement. There were two periods in his life in which he made this impact. When he joined the Nation of Islam, he had the backing of Elijah Muhammad, and gave the African American people hope and strength during the Civil Rights movement, a time when many lacked this. After his pilgrimage to Mecca, on his return, with a new meaning of life and religion, he would put a halt to the false preaching of an organization that claimed to be following Islam, and an organization that he once influenced thousands to join, The Nation of Islam. The time in which though, that Malcolm X had the greatest influence on people, was upon his death, and after. It triggered many to see what he had done and what he had accomplished, and how he gave his life up to bring truth to the world.

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