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The Life of Malcolm X

            Malcolm X had become a legend when it came to the civil rights battle in the 1960's. He was born Malcolm Little in Omaha, Nebraska. He kept the idea of racial segregation because he acknowledged that only his solution would improve African American lives, and that the white race would always dominate society. Malcolm grew up during poverty and racism, leading to bad habits throughout his life. The film Malcolm X, properly depicts the life of Malcolm because the actors portray Malcolm's poverty stances of his childhood, the results of Malcolm's upbringing , and steps towards civil rights activism. .
             The beginning of Malcolm's harsh upbringing gave little to no indication that he would later rise to such eminence. "Malcolm was born on May 19th 1925" ("Malcolm X." 1). He grew up having both a mother and a father, Louis Little and Earl Little. Malcolm grew up during the Jim Crow laws, his family was also not in a well economic state. "Malcolm's parents home was attacked by the Ku Klux Klan in 1925, before he is even born" ("Malcolm X." UXL 1). .
             After the attack, Malcolm moved several times to try to avoid prejudice. "Malcolm and his family moved to Lansing, Michigan and again is attacked by a group called the Black Legion, who burned his home to the ground" ("Malcolm X." UXL 1). Both of these groups were known to have been shouting racial slurs, present at the time . He was brought up during the worst time, being divided by not only racial segregation but the Great Depression during the 1930's ("Malcolm X." UXL 1). "In 1937, Malcolm's family was broken up and his mother was confined to a state mental hospital, due to hardships of his family" ("Malcolm X." 1).
             Malcolm's father dies and his body is found on the train tracks. Money conflicts start to arise, the family eventually has to go on welfare. Malcolm's family falls apart and he is sent to a foster home due to the government.

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