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Autobiography of Malcolm X

            The Autobiography of Malcolm X was a great book. This autobiography was a great piece of literature because it let you know all the aspects of Malcolm's life and why many so him as a very influential figure in black history. This book let me know all the sides of Malcolm, not just civil rights activist that many knew him to be. The book showed that he was far from perfect and had a lot of things that changed his life for the worst but he still came out on time. Through this autobiography there were many things that were illuminating, informative, and exciting to me.
             The autobiography was an illuminating piece of work. One of the most illuminating parts of this book was how Malcolm let the reader learn about his childhood which started out good but ended the worst. When you research Malcolm on the computer all the articles you see show that he was a great civil right activist who helped African Americans gain their rights. The articles never tell you about some of the hardships Malcolm had as a young youth. One of the most influential parts of his life was the death of his father. As a young male losing your father can really effect your whole outlook on life. Though that was a part of his life that was life changing the worst part was how it effected his how family. Since Malcolm's father made all the money the family was without money, so they couldn't buy food. Soon the family was split up between foster houses because Malcolm's mother was no longer able to take care of the family. Malcolm's mother was also put in a mental hospital. What makes this illuminating is that fact that most would use this as an excuse to act out or fail but he just used it to strengthen himself and become a leader for a African Americans. The obstacles he overcame most people could never have done.
             The most informative part of this autobiography was his transition from being a street hustler known as Detroit Red to a civil rights activist.

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