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Autobiography Of Ben Franklin book report

             This story gave a history of Benjamin Franklin's life and since it was written by him it is historically accurate. He starts out by telling some of his background information. This includes how he was born in 1706, in Boston and Baptized in the Old South Church. He also included the important life event of how he was apprenticed to his brother James in the printing business. This gave him the opportunity to write ballets and other writings that he could print and encourage his free thought. He also strangely becomes a vegetarian. He continues writing and in 1730 he marries Rebecca Read. In 1731 he also founded the Philadelphia library. In 1742 his invention career took of when he invented the Franklin stove. 1744 he also continued his philosophy by establishing the American Philosophy Society. In 1752 does the famous kite flying experiment and discovers that lightning is electrical discharges. He continues to write bills and helped pass ones paving the streets of Philadelphia.
             In the autobiography, there were many important events left out because the by the time he finished it these things had not yet been accomplished. This included in 1766 he sent endeavors to try and stop the passing of the stamp act. Also, in 1775 he was a delegate in the 2nd Continental Congress. He also never included how he helped draft the Declaration of Independence. After being president of Pennsylvania in 1785 he is almost ready to retire from his public life and does so in 1788. That is why in 1790 he passed away.
             All the events accounted in this book where historically accurate. As I said before all the events after 1760 are left out. However I was able to find some of the main contributions that he made. He truly was a great man who helped shape the face of America. If all Americans could help society as he did we would live in a nearly perfect country!.

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