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The Brest Hero Fortress

             The Central Committee of the Belarussian Communist party approved the proposals on the construction of the monument in the Brest fortress in the decree «The celebration of the 20th anniversary of the liberation of Sovietskaya Belarus» at the expense of the funds collected by the people for these purposes. An account was opened in the bank.
             Taking into account great services of the defenders of the Brest fortress before the Motherland and to the commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet people in the great Patriotic war, the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR issued a decree from May 8, 1965 awarded the Brest fortress the honorary title of «Fortress-hero» with presentation of Lenin order and medal «Gold Star», which were later transferred to the memorial. The Council of Ministers of the BSSR by the Resolution of July 23, 1966 № 295 approved the creative group and instructed her to complete the project of the monument to the defenders of the fortress.
             The creative team was established and consisted of: people's architect of the USSR, laureate of the State prize of the BSSR, the architect - artist V.A. Korol (1912-1980); people's artist of BSSR, laureate of the State prize, the sculptor A.O. Bembel (1905-1986); laureate of the Lenin prize and the Lenin Komsomol prize of Belarus, the architect V.P. Zankovitch; laureate of the State prize of the BSSR, and the artist-architect G.V. Sysoev (1919-2010); sculptor V.D. Bobyl; architect-artist V.M. Volchek (1910-1985); laureate of the State prize of the BSSR, the architect O.A. Srahovich (1935-2010); architect Y.I. Kazakov Winner of Lenin and two State Prizes of the USSR, national artist of the USSR, the sculptor A.P. Kibalnikov (1912-1987) headed the creative team.
             In the development of the project actively participated design engineers M. Gordin (chief designer of the project), M. Mets, L.

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