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Overview of Water Pollution

            Water is a unique substance, because it can naturally renew and cleanse itself, by allowing pollutants to settle out (through the process of sedimentation) or break down, or by diluting the pollutants to a point where they are not in harmful concentrations. However, this natural process takes time, and is difficult when excessive quantities of harmful contaminants are added to the water. And humans are using more and more materials that are polluting the water sources that we drink from. In nine of the last ten years, large blue-green algae blooms have appeared on the northern part of Lake Winnipeg. These are caused by excess phosphorus in the water. Fertilizer use is 15 times higher today than it was in 1945. Beach closures are becoming increasingly common. The list of pollutants is long and the signs of water pollution surround us, but the point is this: we are dumping contaminants into the small portion of water on the planet that is fit for drinking.
             What is pollution?.
             Pollution can be defined in several ways. Water pollution occurs when energy and other materials are released, degrading the quality of the water for other users. Water pollution includes all of the waste materials that cannot be naturally broken down by water. In other words, anything that is added to the water, above and beyond its capacity to break it down, is pollution. Pollution, in certain circumstances, can be caused by nature itself, such as when water flows through soils with high acidities. But more often that not, human actions are responsible for the pollutants that enter the water.
             Where is all of this pollution coming from?.
             There are two main sources of water pollution; point sources and non-point sources. Point sources include factories, wastewater treatment facilities, septic systems, and other sources that are clearly discharging pollutants into water sources. Non-point sources are more difficult to identify, because they cannot be traced back to a particular location.

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