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Water Pollution in China

            Water pollution problem is becoming more urgent than ever for the Chinese, because vertiginous growth has a direct negative impact on water sources almost all over the country. There are ninety percent of household sewage in China is released into rivers and lakes without being treated, and nearly eighty percent of China's cities (278 of them) have no sewage treatment facilities and few have plans to build and underground water supplies in ninety percent of the cites are contaminated [CITATION Jef08 l 1033 ]. Hence what is happening with the water source in China! What are the causes of this severe pollution? How it affects Chinese's health, and Whether or not there are optimal solutions to solve this? In this essay, I will explore these questions and to give an overview of water pollution issue in China.
             The first culprit to mention in the cause of water pollution is industrial waste. Chinese industry produces over 3.5 million tons of sewage waste per day including mainly chemical factories, drug manufacture, tanneries, paper millsto treat just half that amount they would need to invest in 10,000 treatment facilities. There are just some modern wastewater treatment plants and sanitation systems do exist, but many more are required[CITATION Pol l 1033 ] . Factories release toxic gases into the sky, then it would rain down and these are the water source in rivers and lakes. However, most remarkable is that the industrial chemicals from factories are discharged directly into the water source around it. In fact, there was a case shocked China in February 2008 which is The Maozhou river turned red because of a multimillion dollar operation named the Fuan textile factory. They produced 47,000 tons of waste a day and could only process 20,000 tons with the rest being dumped into the river. It latter quietly reopened in a new location [ CITATION Jef08 l 1033 ]. Moreover, heavy metal and oil from extraction plant operators spill, go along with untreated wastewater to outside, or penetrates directly into the ground lead to the surrounding water will be contaminated and polluted.

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