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The Issue of Overpopulation in China

            The global population kept growing since last few decades, which cause a series problems. China is first identified when talking about the overpopulation problem. It is the most populous country in the world, as there are 1.3 billion populations (Connor, 2011). The Chinese Government have realized that they will need as much food in the next hundred years as it did in the last 10,000 years because of how much the population is expected to grow (McLeishm, 2009). The projections may or may not be true, but the population growth has had its impact on the nation. Therefore the below essay provides a discussion on the causes and effects that contribute to the solutions that needed to be made by China to overcome its overpopulation impact on its nation.
             There are many causes that have affected the global issue of overpopulation. There has been an increase in the population due to an increase in the birth rate, the baby boom after World War II, cultural and/or religious reason, medical advancements, better health care, natural disasters, conflicts, and poor management by government officials (McLeishm, 2009). After World War II, there was an enormous break out of pregnancies and couple having babies called the baby boom. This occurred after the soldiers returned home from the war. The baby boom of World War II increased the population. However, this reason was not the only reason for an increase in population. Many people bear more than one child due to cultural or religious reasons. Many cultures and religions state that a woman must bear a son and many women will bear children until they bear a son. There have also been many medical advances in the world allowing people to live longer. There are new medications and machines that help people live longer lives. These medical advances have helped in the increase of the world population. Along with medical advancements, we have had better health care.

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