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The Growing Problem of Overpopulation

            Overpopulation is when a population cannot be maintained without the rapid depletion of resources or without the degradation of the capacity of the environment to give support to the population. This is a growing issue in our day and age due to many controllable factors; longer mortality rates, higher birth rates, and increase in agricultural productivity. At this rate of population growth, the earth will soon run out resources for us to use, resulting in the ultimate ending of the human race and the world as we know it. However, there are many precautions and decisions we can take to aid in the steady decline of the population. For this situation we need to identify the problem, find reasonable and reachable goals, and correct the problem before it is too late. .
             In 1960, the mortality rate was about 30.1, today that number has reduced down to 5.96 per 1,000 ("Deaths and Mortality") because of medical advances and better awareness of health, we have also improved lifespans from 69.8 to 79.8 ("World Life Expectancy"). With so much medical advances that have taken place within the past 60 years, life for the world has greatly increased and prolonged our very existence. In other words, because of our excelling pushes in the medical field, our generation will live longer and the generation after that. Unfortunately there is great difference from the life expectancy and life quality from a citizen in the first and third world country. In America in 1960, the mortality rate was at 71.3, opposed to a country like India with a mortality rate of 43.4. ("World Life Expectancy"). However in 2012 America raised up to 82.6 while India went to 65.5, showing that even at this day and age, it matters more about your location rather, then the year.
             In 1965, the average family averaged 2.5 kids per family, however in 2014 the average kids per family dropped down to 1.5 per household ("United States Census Bureau").

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