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             In the past couple centuries, population has exploded; for example, around the year 1800 the world population was about one billion, it now currently rests at just over six billion. The effects of overpopulation have been tremendous, such as resource depletion, different forms of pollution, and the falling of nature admiration and sacredness. Although some believe overpopulation will be the gun that blows away the human race, others believe that the misuse of resources is to blame for the Earth's destruction. However, it seems that the reason resources are being misused is because there are too many people to control them. Many questions must be addressed before we can solve this problem. .
             What is overpopulation? The American Heritage Dictionary defines it as, "Excessive population of an area to the point of overcrowding, depletion of natural resources, or environmental deterioration" (10 houghton, pg1). These descriptions seem to be exactly what the planet is facing now.
             "During the next century, world population will double, with 90% of.
             that growth occurring in poorer, developing countries. For example, in .
             the next 30 years the population of Kenya will jump from 23 million to .
             79 million"(1 Anastasia,pg1).
             Many factors contribute to overpopulation. Some examples are lack of education, "power" country involvement with third world countries, and religious and government support. The first thing that must be done would have to be education. Many people do not realize the damage that they are causing to the earth for future generations. Simply having more conversations about overpopulation might lesson the outcome. Instead of giving hand outs, work should be put into informing people of the earth's growing problems.
             The United States and Great Britain are known for missionary work and third world country generosity. They send missionaries and volunteers to countries like Ethiopia and Africa to give handouts of food and medical supplies.

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