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Wildlife Overpopulation

            Overpopulation in wildlife has increased by over 50% in the past five years. Now I'm sure you're thinking well isn't that what we want? Don't we want animals to breed and reproduce? You are right, but some animals have begun to breed and produce before the previous generation has died off, leaving us the problem of overpopulation in some animals. Today I am going to talk about overpopulation in wildlife. I will mention how overpopulation can cause endangerment in some animals because there is more of a competition for resources, how wildlife has moved to urban areas, diseases that can be spread, and how hunting can effect overpopulation. .
             Initially, one problem overlooked by humans that is caused by overpopulation is the movement of animals into urban places. Animals move out of their natural homes and into the city because there is competition for resources. In fact, ABC 7 News Denver states, that a mountain lion entered a locals home through their doggy door and attacked the dog that was home. Later on in the day owner Jim Nichols came home to find blood all throughout the house. As he searched the house he heard a growling coming from the living room. Jim headed that way to be startled by a mountain lion devouring their beloved dog. Jim immediately called the Division of Wildlife who came and sedated the mountain lion. This is only one of the few incidents where wildlife has become less afraid of the urban city. Raccoons have also become a major problem in cities. They rummage through trash cans and can steel items left outside. They even prey on small pets. Overpopulation has definitely caused an increase on wildlife moving into urban areas. .
             Additionally, another problem that can arise from overpopulation is the competition for natural resources, which in turn leads to some species dying off because they cannot access their needs. One major resource that is limited is food. Depending on the year food can be very sparse or plentiful due to the amount of rainfall.

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