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Finding Happiness

            One of the biggest misconceptions about money is that it can make us happy. "We all struggle to get richer and we hope it will make us happier; that doesn't even mean it will. " Happiness is what everyone is looking for, but they might be looking in the wrong place. I'm going to introduce happiness; finding it is easier than people think. Some of the main sources of happiness come from experiences, such as traveling, exercising and getting together with the family. Basically anything one can enjoy doing, rather than buying material things. We have to learn how to love the basics, experiences are the best choice: "More stuff doesn't equal more happiness; we have to do things instead of buying things. "(Lindsay Abrams) Traveling, enjoying our relatives and exercising are good examples of things we can do. I'm going to prove my point with valid information from research, "Can Money Buy Happiness? " by Sonja Lyuboming, the article "Buy Less Do More " by Lindsay Abrams and finally "7 Benefits of Physical Activity " by Mayo Clinic Stuff. I will prove that happiness is not as hard to attain as most people think.
             In the first place, most of the people love traveling. Traveling makes us enjoy new things, new places, and it helps us to get out from the bubble we constantly are in. Traveling is a great way to increase happiness. According to Lindsay Abram's, "Buy Less, Do More, " she states that: "Experiences are better than material goods. Once you know that, if you continue to put your focus on material rather than experiential, you're making the choice not to be happier. " The magic that someone experiences when getting to know a different culture, perceiving new paradises, getting away from work, resting and at the same time enjoying. These are wonderful sources of happiness. However, if money is the problem, there are always alternatives. If you live close to the coast, one can go to the beach.

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