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Finding Happiness in Our Work

             Bureau of Labor Statistics made a research named American Time Use to show how much time Americans spend for daily activity. The research presents that on an average workday employed persons ages 25 to 54 spend 8.7 hours working and related activities, 7.7 hours sleeping, 2.5 hours leisure and sports, and the rest of time using for household activities and other. The survey has showed that people spend most of time at work, so it is definitely important to be happy at our jobs. There are many factors that make employees satisfied at work, for example, good relationship with boss and coworkers, comfortable work environment, job resources, compensation, growth opportunities. The research below provides elements and evidences to answer the question what make people happy at work.
             The first and most impressed reason that makes people happy at their jobs is helping others. Helping others is not only good for them, it also makes us happier too. Giving also connects us to others, creating stronger relationships and helping to build a happier society. Helping is not just about money, so we do not need to be rich. It can include giving time, care, experiences, thought or attention. For example, sharing knowledge is the most effective way to help others. Elizabeth Vining, an assistant teaching professor and international business fellow at the University of Missouri St-Louis, says, "I love helping students to improve their communication skills". Vining understands how essential communication skill is, "It is the most important skill in life, not only for job", Vining says. So, she teaches students how to interact with other people and how to control the way we talk to influence other people effectively, not to control their thinking. By sharing her marketing and communication knowledge and experiences, every day Vining educate her students the key to be successful in their life.

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