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Aristotle's Theory of the Good Life

             The ultimate end sought in every one of our actions is happiness. But the question is what exactly constitutes as a happy life?" - Aristotle.
             Growing up, every child wishes to live a life of happiness and prosperity. We all aim our life towards becoming wealthy and have a strong family foundation and reside in a luxurious house. This is what we all envision as a good life but as Aristotle puts it, to have a good life it's not all about wealth and power but a more sophisticated theory to a good life. Aristotle states "You become good by training yourself through good behavior and practice to appreciate beauty and goodness in what is generous, temperate, just, and so on ". Other Greek's disagree with the statement saying that "there's no real truth about how we ought to live "there's no virtue nor vice, no better nor worse living, no good nor bad, no beauty no hideousness. So try to become powerful because power is what there is. " It is in my opinion that Aristotle's theory is correct, that a well-lived life is an active life of doing what is virtuous or excellent for humans to do. .
             Each and every human being on the face of this earth has a purpose in life. We each are put on this planet by or savior, Jesus Christ to achieve greatness throughout our lifetimes. It is in the Lords best interest to pursue our calling in able to fulfill our potential. Even though Aristotle's theory about the good life came long before Christianity, it seems as if the theory sort of merges with the bible. In fact in an article written by Charlie Ritch that is titled "Aristotle's ethical philosophy " it is mentioned that "the Roman Catholic Church still continues to rely on Aristotelian formulations of theological doctrine. " With reference to Aristotle's marvelous work in the New Testament there is every reason to believe that his theories about the good life are 100% accurate. .
             Every man and woman strives for true happiness and achieving great success in life.

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