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General Happiness: The Effects of Education and Income

             How does one obtain the feeling of being happy? Does having a higher level of education make one happier? Can money buy general happiness? Happiness is how satisfied you are with your life and how great your emotions are on a daily basis. Throughout the years our lives are always changing in some sort of matter and our moods change constantly, but our general happiness is more within us. In other words, you feel happiness when you personally are satisfied and pleased with your life. Happiness is an emotional state of gratification that life is perfectly stable. Having a positive state of mind is an important part of happiness. It has the potential of programming your mind every day to think of favorable ideas and emotions.
             Feeling happy is extremely important. Happiness helps people become more compassionate and having adapting a healthier lifestyle both emotionally and physically. We change when happiness surrounds us; we become more energetic and enthusiastic and it can guide us to become more financially sustainable. It is rare that the majority of us will live our lives in complete solitude. We encounter different partners, friends, families, and work relationships with whom we interact on a day-to-day basis. So if we are happy then our feelings impact the people we interact with, permitting them to feel happy as well. In my opinion having a higher education level improves the value of life, and any time you have the opportunity to improve your life you will be content and happier. Many variables can play a part in happiness, but I strongly believe one of important paths to happiness is having a college education, which equals success, and success equals money, which leads to the status of being happy. .
             This study will look at the relationship between higher education and higher income on the one hand, their level of general happiness, on the other it will determine if people who have higher income are happier than their counterparts with lower income than their counterparts with lower lever of education.

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