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Information on Rheumatoid Arthritis

            A disease known to last long and worsen as time goes is the most common with adults and elderly. Arthritis becomes worse if not treated. Many people suffer from it at different spots on the body. The correct term for arthritis is rheumatoid arthritis (RA). It is an inflammatory disease which targets joints in the body. There are three types of RA: monocyclic, polycyclic, progressive. Monocyclic arthritis ends in three to five years but with early diagnosis and intense treatment. Polycyclic arthritis levels of disease fluctuate over time. Progressive RA continues to increase in severity. .
             There is no main cause of rheumatoid arthritis but there are opinions that blame it on a deficient immune system, environmental exposures, or genetics. One that is started to experience symptoms may feel fatigued on the regular basis. Weakness and muscle soreness also appear. Most will be very sensitive to change or feel in temperature indoor and outdoor. Formation of deformities can play a major role in rheumatoid arthritis. Someone who has worked in the fields or other jobs that require hand dexterity is most likely to get RA. For example, my mother worked at a factory warehouse for almost 5 years making speakers for either cars or bands. She was a carpenter and worked hands on all of the time. From then on she is still experiencing arthritis on her fingers and joints.
             Today, it is recommended to use non-biologic disease- modifying ant rheumatic drugs (DMARD's). These drugs are meant to reduce disease activity and prevent joint deformity. Some of the over the counter drugs may be helpful for the pain but may only last for a small period. Although several people throughout the world suffer from rheumatoid arthritis it is not life threatening. However, arthritis can last until the end of life.
             As a home care aide, it is my responsibility to provide my clients every need. Encouraging exercising for short times several times a day helps blood circulation and joint health.

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