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Wilmot Proviso

             In 1847 the debate of the Wilmot Proviso arose a very controversial conflict regarding the subject with the expanding of slavery into new territories. Not everyone in the north favored the Proviso despite the differences neither the south nor the north spoke united in regards to slavery and territorial expansion. David Wilmot was the one who brought it up to the surface, yet it is not a proven fact he was the authentic author. Apart from this the Proviso helped the future of the Union, the West and slave expansion in a very drastic way.
             Everything initiated when a small cluster of democrats envision the idea of not permitting slavery into the new territories purchased or taken from Mexico. Making the annexation of Texas the primary cause for the Proviso without this it would had never come into place. Apparently, the Missouri Compromise seemed too had settle the issue of slavery over 25 years ago, but as the Proviso was introduced it developed new disagreements. The north and the south had divided enormously creating a sectional crisis which might not be preventable. Once slavery was introduced in the new territory then it would be too late to prohibit it later on. The north was emotionally disturbed regarding slavery, while in the contrary the south didn"t give it much importance.
             Secondly, slavery was moving westward and in 1830 it had expanded beyond the Louisiana Territory into Texas. The main attraction was the land in which people could grow cotton something that was rising quickly. By 1840 cotton was one of the major crops in over half of the United States exports. For the white people this meant more crop, more slaves needed, to make more money. Northern congressmen were opposing further and further to the expansion of slavery because they feared it. As a result, they joined the New Free Soil Party which signified the opposition of slavery. The annexation of Texas created and empire of slavery.

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