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Abortion - Death of the Innocent

             Everyone is always doing things for themselves, whatever is the easy way out they will do it. Even if it means taking a life away and committing murder. Abortion is murder, abortion is breaking the commandments, and abortion is a way for women to erase their mistakes by putting to death an infant inside of them. .
             It is only a fact that life begins at conception, same as animals and same for humans. Meaning every single person considering abortion is ending the life of a human. People think "embryo " or "fetus " are words describing nonhumans, even though it is a human stage of development. Abortion not only killing the child it is putting the mother at more risk than giving labor to the child. Women are risking high a chance of developing breast cancer and other related diseases. Arguments lie in the fact that the child at eight weeks cannot feel real physical pain through abortions. Imagine being suffocated at night and not being able to defend yourself. That is what the child feels like when being killed. They are innocent humans: they can experience organic pain, feet are developed, child's mouth formed, and then their hands exist. The biological fact is that abortion kills babies. Dr. Bernard Nathanson's classic film, "The Silent Scream, " is the first widely view of an ultrasound abortion. First, the child is frantic from the sudden appeared abortion device. She moves as far away from the device trying to save her life. Then, right before her body is torn into bits and sucked into the vacuum tube; her mouth opens and releases a bloody scream to save her life desperately. Americans today believe that abortion is not killing an innocent human. What is ironic about this ultrasound is that after the Dr. watched the ultrasound he was at such disbelief with what he just did, he never performed another abortion. That ultrasound was one of ten thousand abortions he performed and, and that one scream was enough to end his career of operating on women ever again for an abortion.

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