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             A pair of big blue eyes through one day I will see.
             When it hits the sidewalk it makes a funny sound.
             Bang through the big white doors people dressed in green.
             If they hurt you mommy, run away and scream.
             Help, mommy they're tearing me apart!.
             There goes my big blue eyes,.
             There goes my little heart.
             Mommy I love you, believe me I do.
             The worst thing is,.
             I thought you loved me too.".
             Every twenty-two seconds, one unwanted baby is aborted. Having a child is a privilege and a gift from God but each day, four thousand women chose to kill an unborn baby. Today, women can legally have their child aborted at any time during the nine-month pregnancy for absolutely any reason, with no questions asked. How does killing a pure and guiltless child become an accepted practice in our society? Abortion is an unjust punishment to innocent babies and should be made illegal.
             Although the child is growing inside the mother and has yet to physically come into this world, it is still a living, breathing child. These aborted babies have the same fingers, toes and eyes as any other bundle of joy. The babies have a heartbeat and a soul just as all other living people, but the fight for "pro-choice" for the mothers, fails to give the baby a chance to live. These unborn children are genetically unique, each with his or her own qualities that could one day make a difference in this world. There are laws that punish murders, but why do governments all over the world support the right to take away the lives of the most innocent children simply because they cannot speak for themselves? Abortion has been made legal to stop the birth of unwanted children, but as a result of legalizing abortion, the number of aborted babies has increased drastically. .
             There are many disadvantages of abortion. Firstly; the stress that comes after abortion is almost impossible to cope with. The women may be tormented by the guilt that surfaces after the abortion, when the fact that they had in fact, destroyed an innocent life, finally hits them.

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