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The Disappearing Bees

            A) Did you ever wonder where the bees were this summer? Did you perhaps see any bees at all this summer? The distinction of bees has been a rising issue that is getting attention from farmers, bee keepers, and large corporations investing in farms. Honey bees are a very important component to nature, planting and the growing produce. Bees pollinate all types of flowers, plants, fruits, vegetables and other crops. Crops are dependent of bee's pollination process in order to help reproduce plants. The article "Obama announces plan to save honey bees" by Karimi claims that the beehive pollution has dramatically dropped since 1947 with 6 million beehives reported and today less than 2.5 million beehives reported. The rapid disappearing of bees are due to many factors but some of the main reasons are due to the harsh pesticides that aid in the growth of plants and toxic herbicides used to kill plants from lawns or farms. "Dying bees scream a message to us that they cannot survive in our current agricultural and urban environments," said Spivak in her article, "What will happen if the bees disappear?" Our high demand for cheap produce causes large corporations investing in local farms to spray pesticides for a faster growth of crops. While at the same time causing environmental pollution, disappearing of honeybees, and even health effects in consumers. Increase of global trade and transportation increase parasites and pathogens that weaken the immune systems of bees and makes it harder for them to find pollen and even nectar. One interesting fact that I found was that many bees are being fed high fructose corn syrup because they cannot survive on their own honey anymore. .
             B) This topic is interesting to me because I care about the environment. If bees are not surviving our nature what will happen later down the road to humans? The heavy use of pesticides large corporations are investing in should not be allowed, it is damaging our environment, causing health problems in consumers, killing bees and other animals.

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