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Protecting Wildlife - Awareness and Action

            As the statement suggests, there are many species at risk today. This essay will give some examples of endangered animals, argue for their better protection and explain what action could be taken now. Man is often to blame for the disappearance of species. Pollution from factories and cars causes severe problems. Some chemicals are being released into the environment, which are harmful to bees, for example. Arctic animals, such as polar bears, are in danger of extinction due to global warming. Other species, such as the white rhino, are facing extinction because they are hunted. If we let these beautiful creatures disappear, our world will never be the same. Think of a forest without any birds singing or an ocean with no whales. Furthermore, when species die out, the whole balance of nature is threatened.
             So what is to be done? There are already several protection programs but these often lack money. It is also necessary for governments to pass additional environmental laws, in my opinion, so that the pollution from factories can be better controlled. There is no doubt that more could be done to save endangered species. They are worth saving so that future generations can admire them.
             Many people depend on animals to live, whether they eat meat or just keep a cow or a goat for its milk. It's important to consider farming, as well as discussing the role of zoos. When zoos first opened, they had a real purpose – to educate people. There was no television and in this way, people got to see wildlife from other places. Now we don't have the same need for zoos and it is cruel to lock creatures up there. For this reason, all zoos should be closed in my opinion.
             As for agriculture, it is true that some farmers look after animals well, but many don't care about the conditions they live in. The best farmers give them plenty of space and fresh grass to eat. We could treat animals better without a doubt.

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