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Captive Breeding of Florida Panthers

            This first stakeholder, The Florida Panther Society, Inc. is an organization put together to spread awareness and bring attention to the Florida panthers, why they are extinct, current captive breeding, and ways we can actively help their population. This non-profit environmental education and support organization aims to provide protection and support for the panthers through educational programs and coordinated public support of the Florida recovery programs. This group has been involved with recovery and reintroduction of panthers into their historic range since 1994, as defined by the Florida Panther Recovery Plan. All of the society's information can be found at panthersociety.org. .
             Currently the panther recovery program includes captive breeding but with the argument against continued captive breeding, The Florida Panther Society will not have a cause to support. It will directly impact their entire reason for organization and existence since they started to raise awareness and support for the recovery plan. They will likely be completely against our argument to end captive breeding, unless there is some way to collaborate and find a mutual solution. The greatest concerns they will have is that with ending the captive breeding program, panther education, awareness and recovery will decline and their political and financial efforts thus far will go to waste. If we create a policy to decrease or end captive breeding of the Florida Panther, the Florida Panther Society will likely try and fight for future recovery in a different way. This recovery plan is the sole reason for their creation and it is likely that they will fight to continue the recovery program in any way possible. A decision to end captive breeding does not necessarily mean an end to the panther population or recovery/conservation, but it will definitely give the Panther Society a reason to work harder and continue with cause!.

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