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Advertsing - A Nostalgic Throwback

            If there is one reliable way to guarantee an overwhelming emotional response from any audience, it would have to be to implement nostalgia. Exploitation of nostalgia has a tendency to consume people and inject an overpowering amount of excitement into their body. Microsoft bravely decided to implement nostalgia into an Internet Explorer commercial entitled, Child of the 90s. The commercial contained multiple 90s references and trends and correlated it to Internet Explorer, which was also invented during the 90s. The commercial acts as montage showing and playing tribute to much of the popular trends of the decade. By doing this, the commercial argues that Internet Explorer should be praised for being created in the 90s, continuously improving themselves, and maintaining their quality. Microsofts commercial, Child of the 90s, effectively shows that they have maintained their quality since the 90s by implementing emotional and credible appeals though leaving little to no logical appeal what so ever which taints a commercial which could have been perfect. .
             The use of emotional appeal in this commercial is to allow the audience to reminiscence and relate with a past that was once shared by Microsofts Internet Explorer. It is a clever mechanism used to manipulate the audience to think of all the great times in the 90s. By doing this, Microsoft wants the people that are reminiscing to connect those great times with Internet Explorer, which was highly used in the 90s. Since Internet explorer was the only possible browser to use in the 90s, people cannot relate to any other browser, leaving them no other choice but to feel an emotional response to the browser. They did this by showing almost every positive and fun thing there was to show about the 90s. These things included Yoyos, Ying-Yang, Floppy Disks, Hungry-Hungry Hippos and many more. Microsoft topped this off by adding catchy music that builds up as they continue to show more and more 90s things.

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