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Nostalgic Feelings

             The column written by a student at Ohio State University during the 1921-22 school year shows the nostalgic feelings experienced by many due to a period of rapid change brought about by WWI. While many women were looking ahead and pushing for new more modern roles for women others looked to the past as an example for how women ought to function in society. This student expresses he condescending views of the new behaviors of women in order to fight against the seemingly immoral new role they are acquiring.
             The author states that in college women are living by the phrase "getting away with it" in that they are indulging in immoral activities for women like smoking, drinking, etc. These are obviously seen as immoral by this student since these were seen as traditional male activities. This student believes that moral integrity is only achieved through chastity. You can see this through statements about the ideal college girl is "armed with sexual knowledge" and "she knows the limits". Then she harshly criticizes those girls "with sport in their blood" saying they are out of control since although they are equal with men they shouldn't go so far as to share the same experiences and ought to show moral restraint. These views are understandable since due to WWI caused rapid change in American society. Women started to step out of the normal domestic roles they had held for centuries. The most famous of these women were known as flappers and although they were a driving force in the modernization of the woman's role in society they were in no way the majority. Not only did just change having to do with women but the overall feeling of chaos due to WWI in the economic world and public sentiment that foreigners were plotting to take over the existing democracy and many other changes and fears led to this nostalgia.

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