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My Generation

            "When I was four I had a perm, the year was 1990," my best friend Stephanie told me trying to contain her laughter. That right there basically sums up my generation .
             My generation grew up in a world where the New Kids on the Block had a bunch of hits, turtles in half shells ate pizzas with mutant rats, and pow-pow Power Wheels roamed the streets. Rap was oozing from the back streets, even a bunch of Jewish guys began to rap about no sleeping until you got to Brooklyn and the illustrious "Got to Fight for Your Right to Party". Hair bands fit in there somewhere, and so did parachute pants. Or was it wearing your pants backwards; or was it both? The grunge scene hit with the modern rock god Kurt Cobain and his Seattle band Nirvana. Pearl Jam began to knock down the gates of Tiffany and Green Day beat the shit out of Boys to Men to land in the number one spot in my cassette player. Now those are only memories of my childhood.
             Now as I rummage through my toys, looking at Teddy Rukspin and wonder how he ever got replaced by PS2 and computers built for ten year olds. But, like Mr. Big said, "Baby it's a wild wild world." Our childhood toys are still around in a less glamorous way, Strawberry Shortcake is pasted onto baby-tees and care bears onto briefs; we can have our past on our ass for a simple 20 or 30 bucks a pop. My Little Ponies isn't mine any more, it's your pajama bottoms that you wear during sleepovers when you rock out to Britney Spears while trying to pretend your 25 and wearing your mothers makeup! You wonder why our kids are so fucked up in this generation, look at the role models we have!.
             Today the world of "bling-bling" is "hot". Gold is out and platinum is in. What ever happened to the days when getting something on sale was cool, now we have to make sure that our Louis Vuitton luggage was the most expensive it could possibly be. The first question we ask someone about their outfit is, "Where did you get it," as you scan them up and down making sure it's not a knock off.

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