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The greatest generation

             Although the WW2 generation accomplished a great deal and sacrificed their lives to better others, without the Revolutionary War generation there would have been nothing to accomplish or to sacrifice for in the first place. The Revolutionary War generation setup the precedent for the great nation that we live in today. It was the great minds of that time that put together our government and setup our democratic government that we rely upon today to rule our nation and lead us in the best way possible.
             Both generations had their hard times. Although the great depression seemed like one of the greatest obstacles our nation has ever overcome while staying true to our democratic ways, this was not very different to the time when America government was being run under the Articles of Confederation. Since the Articles had many problems within dealing with the economical prosperity of the nation in a whole there was also somewhat of a great depression even leading to shay's rebellion. The generation of that time took great action in changing their ways and made the Constitution, which is debatably the greatest written document of all time.
             To make a great nation you need great leaders. Our founding fathers were the greatest minds of their time and they have influenced the entire world with their ideas. Today every democratic nation in the world relies on their core ideas to run their government. Their ideas have tested true and have outlived many other forms of government. "Before the end of the 19th century, every important Western European monarchy had adopted a constitution limiting the power of the Crown and giving a considerable share of political power to the people."" .
             (Microsoft ® Encarta ® Encyclopedia 2002. © 1993-2001.) Although the leaders of the WW2 generation not only got us through the depression and the war there would have been nothing there in the first place if it were not for a few good men with great ideas that setup this country's government.

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