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Athlete of a Generation - Serena Williamns

            Many people have debated as to who the greatest athlete of our generation has been. According to Ian Crouch, author of "Serena Williams Is America's Greatest Athlete", an article from The New Yorker, the answer is pretty simple. At 32 years of age, Serena Williams has visited the Grand Slam title a total of twenty two times and has emerged victorious eighteen of those times, which is six titles behind the standing record that was set before the modern open era. Compared to her male counterpart, Roger Federer, who is two months older than Williams and reaching the end of his career, Williams is still ranked No. 1 in the world making her the oldest women to ever hold that ranking. .
             Aside from tennis, for 15 years, two generations of tennis players, Williams has been underappreciated. She is very wealthy but does not receive as much attention and fame as other male athletes such as Lebron James, or Derek Jeter. She is very talented and precise, with a very distinctive style on and off the court. But not everyone is a fan of Williams. Partly because of American's prejudice towards women athletes. People often tend to make remarks about her body and athleticism. All athletes' body's are always on display, no matter what gender. Williams' appearances both muscular and graceful are discussed. People on twitter often admire her obvious strength and fitness. But others remark about the size of her butt and suggest that her toned arms make her look like a male boxer or a linebacker. While some focus on Williams' physical traits, others tend to criticize her on-court apparel. Viewers say she dresses too flashy and self-absorbed. But nobody seems to have a problem with the revealing mini-skirts of Maria Sharapova. .
             When society does grant athletic adoration to women in athletics, it is usually short lived, and mainly directed to the teenage American sweethearts from the Olympics. Williams has never been viewed as America's sweetheart.

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