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Athletes Foot

             Tinea Pedis is the medical name for the athlete's foot fungus. Athlete's foot is a very common skin condition. It occurs mostly in teenage and adult males. Athlete's foot is a fungal skin infection of the feet. The fungi of athlete's foot are living germs that live on all humans. The infection usually occurs in between the toes and the soles of your feet. Many people may have the fungus on their skin, but sometimes athlete's foot may not develop. Athlete's foot is caused by moisture, sweat, and lack of ventilation of the feet.
             The symptoms of athlete's foot include itching, burning, and stinging of the infected area on one's foot. Also, a rash may develop in the affected area in most cases. Blisters, inflammation of the skin, and dry skin may also occur. The athlete's foot fungus is communally spread. The fungus is found most often in showers, gyms, public swimming pools, and locker rooms that have not been properly disinfected. The fungus is also found in hotel bathrooms and rooms that have not been properly cleaned. One can pick up the fungus by the foot. The fungus is absorbed into the foot, and by sweating it is retained from socks and shoes.
             Athlete's foot is not always preventable, but there are ways to better your chances of staying free from it. Wearing rubber sandals when using locker room and health club showers can help to avoid athlete's foot. Also, you should avoid wearing tight fitting shoes, especially during warm weather, and always dry your feet completely after showering or bathing. You should wear sandals whenever possible because they provide wonderful ventilation for your feet.
             At this time, there is no known vaccine for athlete's foot. One can treat athlete's foot with good personal hygiene. Some examples are, washing your feet thoroughly with soap and water and then drying your feet completely with a blow dryer. Also, you can buy over the counter antifungal powders and creams to treat athlete's foot.

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