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Admissions Letter - John Hopkins University

             These three simple words have shaped my life tremendously. As a child, I was curious about the world and all its "Whys ", "Hows ", and "Whats. " To the dismay of my parents and teachers, this sort of curiosity resulted in unrestrained and excessive questioning. Much of the time, they could not or would not care to answer. Rather they suggested looking for sources beyond themselves, such as encyclopedias and books. Through my curious, questioning nature I became inclined to learning more about the world through science. .
             As I grew older, I became more acquainted with different disciplines of science. However, the application of science to the fields of technology, energy, and medicine fascinated me more than theoretical science. This is why I found research my favorite aspect of science. To see the transformed bacteria or a chemical reaction, the experiments and their results became tangible and accessible. Whiling interning in a medical biochemistry lab, in Stony Brook University in the summer of 2013, I was amazed to see how the lab group's basic research evolved into the development of a novel chemotherapeutic drug. I want to pursue career in engineering research because it applies abstract ideas and concepts of science to formulate novel techniques and materials that will advance technology and medicine.
             I have also participated in a Summer Biotechnology Program in Stony Brook in the summer of 2012, where I worked on the epigenetic-induced mechanisms curcumin and sulfophane with regards to Parkinsonian-related drugs. Furthermore, for the majority for 2013, I worked as an intern at the NYU structural DNA nanotechnology working on DNA-based nanojunction structures. Each of these experiences helped me expand my view of science research and the scientific community. Through these experiences and with the help of my mentors, I learned many lab techniques such as multiple times of gel electrophoresis, bacterial and yeast transformation, western blotting, atomic force microscopy, PCR, cloning, and mass spectroscopy.

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