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Women and Basketball

            While in an intense conversation with a co-worker I could not help but notice that the only sport we ever talked about was men's basketball. Not once did women's basketball pop up in the conversation. Women often receive no respect in basketball as much as men do. The media would prefer to talk about the women's personal life, personality, and relationships. As stated in Mojca Doupona Topic and Frane Erculj's article, "the media continue to put on stage a performance showing that men live in a world where women are strangers." Nonetheless, within the media broadcasts, men's basketball has a higher percentage of showings than women's basketball. Women's basketball should receive the same amount of attention as men's basketball because women work just as hard as men, are as competitive as men, and continue to advance in the basketball profession just as much as men do although they are not perceived as much as men's basketball is perceived. .
             Just as men are known to work hard in basketball, women also work as hard as men in basketball if not harder. However, the media still gives more attention to the male side of the sport. In the essay "Man That Was A Pretty Shot" it states, "the media continue to characterize women's basketball as being second rate when compared with men's basketball" (Billings, Halone, Denham)(296). In other words, even when the female side of basketball is making a positive progression, the media still pertains all of the attention towards the men's basketball. The media broadcasting women's basketball more often is important because it brings up the confidence of young female athletes to persist in basketball. While interviewing Arreonte Lee, a female college basketball player, Lee was asked "why should women's basketball receive the same recognition as men's basketball?" She specifically said, "Because we work just as hard as them with putting in extra work in the gym, critiquing our game, and being just as competitive as them.

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