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Texans and Congress

            As most of us should know, the government of the United States is made up of three branches, one being the legislative branch. This branch, also called The Congress, is responsible for making laws. Congress is made up of two houses: the House of Representatives and the Senate. Representation in the Senate is fixed at two senators per state, while representation in the House is proportional to each state's population. With the following, we will learn more about who our Texas representatives are. .
             One of the two senators that represent Texas in the Congress is John Cornyn. Sen. Cornyn is a Republican who was first elected senator on November 5, 2002 and was later re-elected in 2008. From this, we can infer that he has been in the Congress for now 11 years and is currently on his second term. Before this, in 1990 he was elected Republican to the Texas Supreme Court, on which he served for seven years and later served in San Antonio as a district judge for six years. In 1998, Cornyn decided to run for Texas Attorney General defeating his opponent, Jim Mattox, and became the second Republican to hold this position.
             The Committee on Finance is one of the most powerful and influential committees in the Senate having one of the broadest jurisdictions in the Senate. It has control over taxation, trade, health care, and all the programs under the Social Security Act. Differing from this is the Committee on The Judiciary. It is responsible for overseeing the nomination process of all federal judges for circuit and district courts and justices nominated to the Supreme Court. Senator Cornyn serves in both these Committees.
             He has sponsored the Bill S.269: A bill to designate the Department of Veterans Affairs medical center in Big Spring, Texas, as the George H. O'Brien, Jr., Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and for other purposes. Two key issues he stands for are Immigration and The Economy.

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