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Woman in politics

             Women In Politics.
             It has been clear over the last half of the century that women have made great strides and effort to achieve equality in all areas of society. Organizations such as The National Organization for Women and others have done an outstanding job of accomplishing their goals. In this research report, we will examine if in fact women are receiving the fair amount of representation in elected office. What makes this investigation important is that we will be able to see if our society, although agreeing with the belief of equality for women, are in fact voting for a women to represent them. First I will discuss the distribution of gender in Kings County, NY. We will see the amount of women who are able to be a part of the labor force and give an estimate as to how many women one should expect to find in congress. Secondly, I will discuss the amount of women who have been in congress over the last century, and compare that amount to the total of women in congress today. This might be able to shed some light as to where our society is going in regard to women in elected office. In the last part of the investigation, I will report the trends in attitude about gender and politics over three decades. With this data we might be able to see if there is a difference between men and women and how they feel about women being in politics. In addition we will examine if religion plays a role in the attitude about women having political participation. Once this is done a sociological explanation will be made as to why certain trends exist in our society today.
             After visiting the U.S. Census, the number of women who are at the age of participation in the labor force in Kings County. NY is 53%. This tells us that more than half of the working age in Kings County are women. Putting aside gender discrimination, one would expect to find women occupying more jobs than men do.

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