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Eleanor Roosevelt A woman Before Her Time

             Eleanor Roosevelt was a strong independent and outspoken woman, who used her status and influence toward the rights of all human beings. A woman who through sheer determination to have her way, made major changes for women, the poverty stricken and African-Americans rights as citizens of the United States of America. She addressed the issues of the American people with fervor, however there were drawbacks. She was also a woman and could only influence and proceed in her endeavors as far as the male heads of state and her husband President Franklin D. Roosevelt would allow. .
             Mrs. Roosevelt was instrumental in the hiring of many women to work in the White House administration. These women worked on social and economical reforms that would benefit all Americans. Her wanting only female journalists to attend her press conferences, compelled news papers to have to hire, and keep on women during the depression. All jobs were at risk during the depression, not only for women but also men. Her push for Women's rights did however, have its limits, as she stated in a press conference, concerning the proposed Equal Rights Amendment.
             "I think that the National Woman's Party ignores the fact that there is a fundamental.
             difference between men and women," she told the reporters. I don't mean by that women can't make as great a contribution, nor if they do the same work they not be paid the same wages. The mere fact that women basically are responsible for the future physical condition of the race means for many restrictions," .
             Here she seems to contradict herself, as if she is not sure were to draw the line for women's rights. Why would restrictions need to be put on women? Could it be because they are the only ones that have children, and she feels that if certain limitations aren't in place they could harm the future generations. .
             Mrs. Roosevelt addressed the administration to hiring of more black leaders into political administrative positions.

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