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Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady to the World

             Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady of the World.
             The book I chose is entitled Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady of the World. Charles P. Graves is the author and Garrard Publishing Company was in charge of publishing the book. It was published in Champaign, Illinois in the year of 1966. .
             The book deals with the life and impact of Eleanor Roosevelt. Her childhood, teenage years and adulthood as well as the positive impact she had on America on a troubled and much needed time. The book also deals with the relationship between her and her husband, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and the way she assumed a role of leadership within the United States as The First Lady. .
             Born in New York City on October 11, 1884, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was "a shy, awkward child, starved for recognition and love," (The White House) daughter of Anna Hall and Elliot Roosevelt. Since her early years, Eleanor was known for her compassionate heart and kind personality. In many occasions she gave her own jacket or shoes to clothe needed people. This would be a characteristic that would remain with her throughout her life and that would define her personality. Nonetheless, tragedy would come soon for Eleanor, at the age of 5 her mother became severely ill and died. Two years later her father, "the person she loved more than anyone else" (Graves 12) also became ill and died. .
             Eleanor had two brothers, Elliot Roosevelt jr. five years younger than Eleanor and Hall Roosevelt, born while the family was in vacation in Europe. Eleanor and her brothers moved with her grandmother Hall, who "had a house in New York City and one in the country." (Graves 19) Eleanor's upbringing was very unusual, she was a very perceptive and smart young girl, yet she did not attend school until she was fifteen. She stayed in England for 2 years. During this time, her uncle Ted Roosevelt had been elected Vice President and soon after President McKinley's murder in the year 1901, her uncle had to assume the top position in the United States Government.

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