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Edith Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt

             Edith Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt.
             The president is the single most important and highest political unit in the United States. Though the president of a country is viewed with much praise and recognition, it can be said that there is actually a number if individuals who perform similar duties and have quite an impact on the presidency and their respective roles. One of the major individuals who hold such an influence on the presidency is his wife, or the First Lady. Two preeminent presidential spouses in American history are Edith Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt. Both played an extensive role as a First Lady to the United States and to their husband and children.
             Theodore Roosevelt became the 25th President of the United States after the assassination of President William McKinley. After her husband came into office, she entered a life filled with new duties. However, Mrs. Roosevelt affirmed her role with such dignity and guarded the privacy of her family, which attracted everyone's interest. She tried very hard to keep reporters out of her and her family's lives. In consequence, the public heard little and did not have the opportunity to acknowledge her vigor characteristic and impeccable judgment. She held a proficient household management and handled the family finances, which was said to be some of her private strengths. .
             During their years in the White House, Edith made significant changes such as adding a new wing for executive offices, and freeing the mansion's entire upstairs for family use. She hung portraits of all her predecessors creating an impressive picture gallery of First Ladies. She played a major role in overseeing the largest renovation and expansion of the White House into the implicit government center that it is today.
             President Theodore Roosevelt and his family, which consisted of First Lady Edith and their six children, was a high profile family. With this in mind, Mrs.

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