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The Huntington Library

            One of the most interesting places to visit in Southern California is The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens. Henry Huntington established it for educational purpose after he resided the site. During his lifetime, he was interested in collecting books and art pieces, he was also had interest in creating gardens. That was the reason he decided to open it to public after his death as part of his will. The site itself respectively contains the art gallery, which was the house of Huntington, the library that is located not far from the gallery, and gardens that set around the site. The things that interest me were the art gallery and the library. Even though I visited the gardens, I was more interested in the architecture of those buildings. The reason is because I love to explore about unique and historical buildings. .
             When I came, I first went to the big white building on the right side after the entrance. It is the library exhibition hall that is separated in three different galleries, which are the place to display limited and rare books and historical documents, also the art collection of Huntington himself such as statue and painting. I did not focus on the things that were on display because I was amazed by the interior design of the building. The interior design from this building is vintage yet very elegant. The detailed design on the wall and the ceilings were so attractive. The pillars on the outside of the building impact the nobility of it. However, the collections inside were well preserved and well arranged, which was made me love the site even more. Those collections of the18th and 19th century were from European art works in the United States. .
             Besides the library exhibition hall, I also went to see the mansion, which is now the Huntington Art Gallery. Like the hall before, I also like the architectural design of this building. It was an elegant big mansion that the wall is painted with combination beige and white, and also the pillars that still astonished me.

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