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Comparative Analysis - James Otis and Thomas Paine

            The following essay is a comparative analysis work done on Thomas Paine's Common Sense against James Otis' the rights of the British colonies, Asserted and proved. I will try to bring to surface answers to few questions like: What the author is trying to do? How they do it? And how well they do it? Now of course, each author has his own views on the topic to be discussed, however, both of them had an overlap as well. The differences come at specific details, but ideologies overlap when it comes to the core point of discussion. I am going to start by a small introduction to each book and then relate them both to each other in terms of differences and similarities. As a start, Paine's book explains how a society is positive and constructive for its people, whereas a government originates from the evil of man and has main duties to protect liberty, life and property. James Otis makes a similar remark regarding the duties of a government however, he adds that as long as there is a society, a government needs to be there regulating the "contests" between people whom are living dependently on each other. .
             Both authors use an analogy which sounds similar in each book, but the opposite use of the analogy gives it a philosophical depth on two different levels. Paine's analogy says that if a group of people are left on an island, the emergence of a law making institution representing them will soon emerge to regulate their issues. Otis on the other hand takes it to the other extreme by saying that a man was not created to live in solitude and needs to be codependent on other members of the society, however, mankind cannot live codependent without contests and therefore the government takes the unbiased position to watch over these contests, adding that the English government is needed for such a position. Paine used his analogy to attack the British system of government adding that it's too complex hindering finding solutions for any problem, also monarchy was spoiled with excessive power and an absurd system of checks and balances.

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