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The Republic and Socrates

            Socrates' views on political wisdom, courage, moderation, and justice are all intertwined with his view of a "perfect city, " and throughout the book using this city (and its inhabitance) of what he believes these values should be the quintessence of. He also goes on to explain his views on the just individual which he grapples with many people throughout the duration of the text. Here we see Socrates' real ideal and philosophical beliefs coming to the forefront in the way he refutes others ideas, and how he frames his own Utopian society.
             In terms of political wisdom as an ideology Socrates easily explains it with the roles of the guardians in his city. (Book II, 368d- end Book III, 412c-end) Here he makes his views known that wisdom is not just something that you are born with, but comes through experience. We see this in the manner of rigorous training and balancing of learning that the guardians have to engage themselves in just to be considered wise.
             This brings out a particular issue with Socrates' view of wisdom, it is not just the acquisition of knowledge, for anyone could gain knowledge, but it is knowledge that is tempered and tutored (thus him being a proponent of the young boy's close bond with an older male). This amalgamates both knowledge, discipline, and experience, and shows that Socrates view that political wisdom is much more than ascertained knowledge from books, but the ability to go through the disciple of the acquisition and gain a plethora of experience, and subsequently true knowledge.
             In Book III, 386a-412b, and Book IV, 419a-434c, we see the expression of Socrates' view on courage personified in the auxiliaries. Though not as "high up the food chain " as the guardians, the auxiliaries perhaps show the greatest discipline of the lot which is courage. They are willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of the city, and risk their lives, and unlike the guardians have authority.

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