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The Republic essay

             Fahrenheit 451, Brave New World, and 1984, all have similarities in perception and approach to the society discussed in Book II of The Republic. First of all, Fahrenheit 451 is parallel to The Republic in censorship. Both of these societies have enforced censorship, but only to try to better the society. The society in Fahrenheit 451 does it mainly for minorities" rights and The Republic does it to not display the negative aspects of their gods. The society of Brave New World is also similar to The Republic. Both feel that luxuries and happiness are important and are a necessity in human nature. Finally, 1984 is similar to The Republic. Only the leaders of both of these societies know the real truth about the society. For instance, in The Republic it is said that the leaders will be told about the negative aspects of the gods so that no one will ever discover the truth. Similarly, in 1984 only the leaders know the real truth behind wars, but the rest of the society is brainwashed into believing what the leaders want them to believe.
             All of these societies also are corruptions of Socrates" vision. First of all Fahrenheit 451 has a downfall. The society censors the views of the society, but a few still manage to know the truths about books and are able to attempt to rise against the government. In Brave New World, one of the prime leaders of the society believes that the only aspect of life that matters is happiness. This is a corrupt vision because he does not even consider other parts of life that many people think are equally important. Finally, in 1984 the society is a dystopia and a terrible place to live. These societies are all very similar to Socrates" society. This proves that his society will too have a fault. No society can be perfect.
             All of these societies address the question of either justice of injustice. For instance, Fahrenheit 451 shows the negative elements of justice.

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