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Weimar Republic Essay

            Quote: "By the Beginning of 1929, the prospects for the survival of the Weimar Republic looked Good.
             The new German government faced many crises during its first few years in power. "Even during the years of relative stabilization all was not well with Weimar Republic- (98 Source 1 Worksheet). The Weimar Republic was working through harsh conditions with the task of stabilizing the economy, rebuilding the country after the First World War and having to cope with the account of the Treaty of Versailles; "underlying economic problems remained, and the relative political stability of Weimar's golden years' rested on shaky foundations - (98 Source 1 Worksheet). In part, international affairs of the Weimar Republic were strong however the economy and domestic political problems proved a hindrance to the survival of the republic. .
             Stresemann helped pull Germany out of the crises of 1923, but the fragile government could not keep the support of the Reichstag. Stresemann could not keep both left and right wing sides happy and was opposed. Even though such separations occurred, Stresemann still managed to be the Foreign minister from 1924 to 1929. He was responsible for various foreign policy successes. The Locarno treaties signing with Britain, France, and Italy ensured Germany's frontiers with France and Belgium. Furthermore, he guaranteed a spot for Germany in the League of Nations in 1926 along side Britain and France. Most of all the Dawes Plan of 1924 and the Young Plain in 1929 benefited Germany the most. They both reduced Germany's total reparations as well helped gain foreign recognition for the payment of these debts. Slowly, foreign troops intervention was withdrawn starting with British troops removal in 1926 followed by the withdrawal of the Inter-Allied Control Commission in 1927 which acted as the main overseer in Treaty of Versailles terms. "No area of policy under the Weimar Republic could claim to rival the success of its foreign policy.

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