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What if Hitleer is Executed for Treason in 1923

             What if Adolf Hitler were executed for treason in 1923? Would there have been a World War II, would Germany have come under fascist rule and would there have been a holocaust for that matter? These questions will never be answered but one can theorize. One will theorize in this essay what would have happened if (actual loser did not make the mistakes they did and prevailed, the outcome and the impact it would have had. I will tell you what the actual winner did right and the actual loser did wrong, and what actually happened and how the events came to pass.) If Hitler had been executed for treason in 1923 instead of sentenced to a short jail term that kept him alive to come to power a decade later.
             What actually happened took place on November 8 1923; the Bavarian government convened a meeting with about 3000 officials in attendance. While the prime minister of Bavaria, Gustav Von Kahr, was giving his speech, armed storm troopers led by Adolf Hitler seized control of the building and its occupants. Hitler told the stunned officials that a coup- The Munich "Beer Hall" Putsch (beer hall because meeting held in beer cellar) was taking place and this was the beginning of national revolution. .
             After the storm troopers had secured the 3000 officials, Hitler took the commander of the Bavarian Army (Otto Von Lossow), the commandant of the Bavarian State Police (Hans Von Lossow) and Prime Minister Kahr into another room and told them that he was to be the new leader of Germany and they could receive new positions in the new government. After three men agreed (due to gun-to-the-head politics) Hitler planned to march the next day to Berlin to remove the national government, which actually resulted in his arrest.
             Adolf Hitler and his cohorts were put on trial for treason in February and March of 1924. Hitler received a sentence of five years in jail, but only served nine month for a crime that is punishable by death.

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