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capital punishment

             You should receive the mandatory death penalty for the committing the following crimes: Murder, brutal rape, treason, high treason, and terrorism. .
             Court process.
             You will be tried in the city and State that the crime was committed in, if there is no local, federal or state courts with in the city that the crime was committed in; then you will be moved to the nearest city that has the court.
             Appeal process.
             You have two years to make your appeals. If in the two years you are found not guilty then your sentenced will be relinquished, if you are still found guilty then your death sentence will be moved up for your execution as soon as possible or at the end of the two years your appeals have not gone through then you are still executed.
             You may go through a higher court system if the time permits.
             Prior to execution.
             Two days prior to your execution your lawyer (if you do not have one, one will be appointed to you) and yourself will create a will or last testimony.
             One day prior to your execution family and friends are no longer allowed make visitations, however you are allowed to make contact through the telephone. .
             On your execution date you are allowed visitations from your family and friends as well as the preacher. .
             After the execution.
             The body will be taken out of the execution room and the family may then pay their last respects.
             All left over funds will then be given to the person stated in the will written the previous day.
             I come before you today to pose the question of a Mandatory National Death Penalty. What this means is in every state if you commit any of the following crimes you will automatically receive the death sentence. These crimes include murder, terrorism, high treason, treason or brutal rape. Now some of you may feel that the states are giving up their rights. Maybe they are, however if you look at it from the victim's standpoint, they did not give up their right's die.

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