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Capital Punishment

             Capital punishment should only be used on an individual who took another life away. It is only fair to place such punishment on those who murder and it gives the friends and family of the victim(s) justice. It's like taking an eye for an eye. Capital punishment is also necessary for murderers because it gives other victims an ease of rest and no more fear that the murderer might someday be released from prison and go after them. Capital punishment should also only be used if the accused can be proven to be one hundred percent guilty of his crimes.
             Nonetheless, since one out of ten people who receive capital punishment are usually innocent, capital punishment should not be placed upon all the time. That is why only those who are proven to be completely guilty of murder should be put to rest. Capital punishment is not at all necessary for criminals who commit such less offensive crimes as stealing, battery, rape, etc Even though these crimes are just as bad, the criminal didn't kill anyone so he shouldn't die for what he did but rather serve time in jail. Therefore, capital punishment should not be used ALL the time, and it should be used sometimes.
             Capital Punishment can also be beneficial because it can help regulate the population of people placed in prisons. It can also let Americans know that they"re not paying their taxes for a murderer to have a place to live and receive food. In fact, it costs more to put someone to prison than to a death chamber. On the contrary, many religious affiliations might argue that capital punishment is murder and it is a sin for the government to murder criminals. Another issue that should be taken into consideration is age. Only those eighteen and older should receive capital punishment; the age in which individuals are considered adults. Also, in cases where the criminal is driven by insanity, they should be kept in a psychiatric hospital of some sort for a certain amount of time and if the government can prove one hundred percent that he is completely aware of his actions and is dead guilty, then he shall pay for his wrong doings.

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