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Cue For Treason Essay

            "Cue for Treason" Essay .
             In Geoffrey Trease's book "Cue for Treason" it is interesting to note that his historic fictional work opens windows to hidden worlds. For example, his book describes people, places, and events that actually took place in the 16th Century.
             Trease describes places in England as they were back in 16th Century. The main characters Peter and Kit pass through many of the taverns and houses which are surrounded by huge stone walls to protect them from sudden invasions from the Scots.
             The rules of gender behavior in the 16th Century were quite different from the ones we traditionally obey today in Canada. Back then the men where always right and their authority was never questioned. They did the hard laboring work in the mines, farms, and workshops while the women mostly cleaned, cooked, and generally took care of the household.
             Money had much more value then than it does now, meals, which would cost 50 dollars today, could be purchased for less than one dollar. However money was very scarce in the 16th Century most people were very poor except for a few lucky ones who were very rich and powerful. One well-healed character was Sir Phillip. He sequestered public lands and surrounded them with a wall. He also used his influence on others so they would do anything for him. Sir Phillip convinced one such fellow to murder Queen Elizabeth.
             The general population of England lived in fear most of the time. Fear of invasion from the Scots, fear of Sir Phillip's wrath, fear of losing more common lands, and perhaps most fearful of all was the fear of losing their freedom as people.
             Jobs played an important parting the novel. If you don't know what a character does for a living it is hard to tell how rich or poor that character is. Farmers and peasants were very poor and had little power to control their lives. The only power they did have was to join forces with nearby neighbors who are in the same state.

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